What Makes a Great Au Pair ?
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Great Au PairFamilies often ask what type of questions they should ask a prospective au pair during an interview. Every family wants that great au pair who will keep the kids entertained for hours on end and help keep a happy, clean and tidy home. So how do you screen out the not so great au pairs  ?

Here are a few signs of a great au pair:

She is warm & smiling during the interview even though she may be very nervous and struggling with her English.

What is an au pair ? Do governments know or care ?
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Au Pairs Provide Affordable Childcare At Home

The more its supporters talk and spread the word about the importance of the Au Pair Programme as a provider of essential childcare in the home the better. If  you agree please leave your comments on this blog and help start the campaign to raise government awareness of  this valuable cultural and language exchange programme,  so that we can avoid it being threatened by changes in the law which too often fail to acknowledge its very existence.

Why You Should Hire A Male Au Pair
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Spanish Male Au Pairs Are The Most Popular Choice