Why You Should Hire A Male Au Pair

Posted on: February 20th, 2013 by Team 1 Comment

Spanish Male Au Pairs Are The Most Popular Choice

There is no such thing as equality of the sexes when it comes to au pairing in Britain. It may be 2013 but when it comes to the choice between a traditional female au pair and the less common male au pair, discrimination in much of the UK remains rampant. Many families steer away from even considering a male au pair and when asked for the reason will say that they just don’t feel ‘comfortable’ with the idea. If the truth be told in reality they worry that a male au pair won’t like or want to do housework or help with chores, that he will be messy & untidy, that he will conduct himself as an alpha male around the house locking horns with the husband and staking out his territory or, worse (though nobody would ever admit it) that he will turn out to be a paedophile or be caught using the family computer or laptop to download and look at internet porn.

Of course the reality could not be further apart. Needless to say we do recommend that you check any au pair’s references carefully, whether male or female, before taking them on and also that you insist on a police check. But a correctly vetted male au pair is a wonderful addition to any household, particularly one with boys. A good male au pair will actively engage with the children, keeping both boys and girls happy for hours on end with all kinds of sports and outdoor activities, as well as often proving to be a Mrs Doubtfire around the house. In the mould of men who have taken on traditionally female dominated professions such as cooks, nurses and restaurant waiters, a male au pair will often undertake the au pair role with maximum gusto, striving to achieve the highest level of competency in both childcare and housework and determined to give maximum satisfaction to his host family.

In many ways a good male au pair will make his female counterparts pale in comparison. Strangely, there have been years when male au pairs have been more popular than in others. 2012 was a poor year for male au pair placements for example, whereas a few years before they reached the height of their popularity. The problem is that it only takes word to get around of a few bad experiences with male au pairs to erase and supecede in one fell swoop the achievements of all the successful and amazingly good ones. Yet only a few years back the International Au Pair Association awarded its prestigious Au Pair of the Year award to a male au pair.

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  1. John says:

    Too right, guys make far better au pairs than girls !

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