What Makes a Great Au Pair ?

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Great Au PairFamilies often ask what type of questions they should ask a prospective au pair during an interview. Every family wants that great au pair who will keep the kids entertained for hours on end and help keep a happy, clean and tidy home. So how do you screen out the not so great au pairs  ?

Here are a few signs of a great au pair:

She is warm & smiling during the interview even though she may be very nervous and struggling with her English.

She is keen to hear about the children and to gather as much information as possible about them, what they enjoy doing and what sorts of things she will be doing with them. She has a few ideas and suggestions of what the children might like to do with her and seems enthusiastic about spending time with the children. She is keen to see the children on skype and tries very hard to make a connection with them, even if she has limited English. She smiles a lot at them and they immediately warm to her.

When she asks about her duties she shows enthusiasm and willingness to do what is required.

She does not grill you about the working hours or pocket money or want to have her free time set in stone. She shows every sign of being flexible and of wanting to try and fit in with your needs.

She is not critical or negative and your location is not her number one priority. She is more interested in finding a nice host family.

She is active and enjoys sports, swimming or walking.

Here are a few signs of a not so great au pair:

She mainly asks questions about points of interest to herself such as her working hours, time off and language school but doesn’t ask about the children and shows little inclination to talk about the childrens’ needs in any kind of detail. When she meets the children on Skype she does not really connect with them and seems slightly unsure about what to say to them. She gets on better with you than with the children and prefers to talk to you.

Her main  interest in your location seems to be how long it will take her to get to London to meet her friends. She questions you in detail about the work you will require her to do and wants complete clarity on her free time. She does not come across as flexible.

She seems rather cagey when housework and household chores are mentioned and wants to be sure you have a cleaner and that not much will be expected of her around the house.

She can’t cook and doesn’t like cooking.

She asks if she can have her boyfriend, family and friends stay over.  She asks for more frequent holidays than is usual and isn’t flexible on the dates.

Her main interests are the internet or meeting her friends and going shopping rather than anything she can share with the children.

Thank you for reading and we hope this helps you choose a great au pair!

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