Help Section For Au pair

Searching for a Family

If you have not yet registered use the Quick search box available on the Home Page or the Find a Family page. Choose I am an Au Pair searching for a Family, make your other choices then click Submit. Then if necessary refine your search using the filters to the left and click the Search button at the bottom when done.

How to access my Daily Matches and do an Advanced Search?

To do an Advanced Search and access your daily Matches you must first Register . Once registered log in with your registered email address and password, go to My Account and select View My Matches. If necessary use the filters on the left to refine your search further. To do your own search select Advanced Search from your My Account page and then use the filters to the left to choose & submit your search criteria.

Saving your searches

You can save a search so you can use it again by clicking on the blue Save search button above your search results. Simply give your search a name and save it. Each saved search will then appear in the list of Previous Saved Searches at the top of the Select Search Criteria panel.

Can I search for a family by User Name ?

Yes, to do this go to Advanced Search, use the filter panel to the left to enter the family.

What if I don’t have enough matches or I want to change them ?

If you don’t have enough matches or want to change them you need to check and edit your profile to ensure that you have not wrongly stated your requirements or entered choices which may be over restricting your match results. From My Account select View My Matches. Click on the edit your profile link under the Family Matches banner at the top of the page. Check and amend your profile as necessary to vary your matches then click on Save and Continue. You can also use the Edit Profile button on the My Account page.

How do I register ?

Use the Register free now buttons on the Home page or on the Find A Family page. Fill out the all the compulsory fields and as many of the non compulsoryfields as possible. Choose Save and continue when complete. You will then be able to upload your documents and photos.

Uploading documents to my profile.

You will be asked upload two types of document, compulsory and non-compulsory but don’t worry if you don’t have these ready. Just choose Skip to register without them and add them another time. Before coming to the UK or Ireland to work with children you must produce at minimum proof of identity (passport or ID card) and two references. Until you add them to your profile it will be marked for families as Incomplete with a note explaining that you have not yet submitted your ID and references. Some families may decide not to choose you as their au pair if your application is not complete. Don’t worry your documents will definitely NOT be shown on the website. Only authorised Aupairinbritain staff will be able to see them so it is no different to your sending such documents to an au pair agency for example. If a host family is interested in you they will ask you to email your documents and references to them direct.

Which documents are non- compulsory or optional ?

Non compulsoryor optional documents include for example a copy of your visa if you need one to come to the UK or Ireland, a medical certificate, driving licence if you wish to drive in the UK, police check, English language or first aid certificate, any childcare certificates you may have or anything else you would like to provide. You don’t have to add these but it will help your application if you do and you will also then have everything ready to email to a family you are interested in.

Adding a Reference

If you don't have your references ready the site will suggest that you email the persons you would like to do these asking them to email you a reference as soon as possible. You can then log in to update your profile and add the references. To do this go to My Account and Edit Profile. Click the tab at the top of your profile saying Upload Documents. Browse for the documents you wish to add on your computer and click save.

Uploading photos

To add photos to your profile select Edit Profile from My Account or the Edit Profile link at the top of your Family Matches page. Click on the Upload photo tab at the top of your profile. Select profile image to browse your computer for a suitable photo. Click Make Profile Image so the photo will display on the site then click Save . To exit without saving select Skip.

How do I view or amend my profile ?

From the My Account page click on the link to View My Profile as Other Users See It. Click on the tabs at the top to view your experience, photos & interests. Click on x to close. To amend your profile choose Edit Profile from the My Account page, amend as necessary then Save and continue.

How do I Hide/Show My Profile ?

In My Account choose Settings then Show/Hide Profile. Tick the box to hide your profile or untick to display your profile. Then choose Save.

Changing my password.

If you wish to change your password go to My Account then Settings.Type your old password then choose and type a new password underneath. Select save.

What should I do if I have forgotten my password ?

From the Sign in page click on the small Forgotten Password ?link. Enter your email address and click Send for a link to be emailed to you to enable you to reset your password.

How do I select my email preferences ?

Choose My Account, Settings then Email Preferences. Untick the boxes to turn off the email alerts you don’t want then choose Save.

How do I access my emails ?

Go to the My Account page and you will be able to view your inbox and email history and to send and receive emails from family users.

How do I add a user to favourites ?

To add a site member to your favourites simply view their profile in My Matches or Advanced Search and click on the Add to Favourites button. You can then access their profile in future from your Favourites on your My Account page.

Can I see which families havefavouritedme ?

Yes you can see this on your My Accounts page using the Favourited By tab.

Can I see which families have viewed my profile ?

You can see the last 10 families to have viewed your profile on your My Account page. Click on the photo or the name to view those family profiles.

How do I skype or email a user ?

To skype or email a family view their profile in View My Matches or Advanced Search and click on Email Family or Skype Family to contact them. If you do not have a skype account register for one at will need to then update your profile and add your skype address. To amend your profile choose Edit Profile from the My Account page, amend as necessary then Save and continue. We recommend that you arrange a time in advance for the skype call with the host family via email.

Why are the Skype or Favourites buttons missing from some profiles ?

The Skype button will only display on a family profile if the family have given their Skype address on their application form. The Favourites button will not display if you have already selected a family as a favourite.

How do I Block/Unblock or Report an inappropriate Family profile?

Please note that use of the Report function forpurely malicious reasons may result in termination of your membership without refund. To block an au pair from contacting you on the site view the user’s Full Profile via your Au Pair Matches or an Advanced Search. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Block/Unblock Profile. To report the user select Report Profile & complete and submit your reasons.

Unblocking a Family

From My Account choose Settings then Blocked Family Profiles. Click on Remove to unblock the family and remove them from your Blocked list.

How do I delete my Account ?

To delete your account go to My Account, Membership and select Delete Account. This will permanently remove your profile from the site and terminate your membership.

How to contact us?

To contact us about technical issues concerning the use of the site click on the Contact Us link at the foot of the web pages. Please note that Au Pair in Britain does not give support on any other issues surrounding the au pair programme itself. For information or advice on such matters please read the Advice and Information section and/or the information on the Find A Family page.

Accepting a family online

For you to Accept a Family the family must first Offer you the Job by sending you an email from the site. You will then receive an email alert to your normal email asking you to log in and view the offer. You will find an email in your internal Aupairinbritain inbox to inform you of the details of the offer and asking you to either accept or decline the offer or email some further questions.

Why should I accept the offer online rather than by private email exchange ?

If you accept the offer online as requested you can rest assured that the system will have matched you with the family. This means that other au pair users will no longer be able to see your host family’s profile or contact them .You will still be able to view your matched family’s profile via the email in your Aupairinbritain internal inbox and you will also be able to continue to exchange emails with themthrough the site if you so wish. Once you have matched with a family your own au pair profile will also be hidden to other family users.

Withdrawing acceptance of a family online.

If you wish to change your mind simply use the link provided in your original offer email in your email inbox to refuse the offer. However you should obviously not cancel at the last moment and if the family don’t reply you should telephone them to let them know personally. You can then eitherhide your profile again if you wish to suspend your application, accept a different family or carry on looking for a family on the site.

How do I view the profile of a family I have matched with?

You can continue to view your matched family’s profile & to communicate with them via the offer emailin your internal Aupairinbritaininbox so take care Not to delete this email.